Our team members


Vicky is the original Ms Captain Cod! She joined the business when she was 13 and is still going strong 21 years later! Vicky is a mum of two and can be found in the shop cooking up a storm on the range, or singing and dancing in the kitchen.


Leah came on board just before the relaunch in 2019. Leah is a mum of two and good friends with Vicky. Leah works mainly behind the scenes doing the administrative duties but you might see her on the odd occasion working in the shop when the need arises and doing deliveries.


Porsche is the youngest team member and joins us part time whilst studying Health and Social Care at college – not just a pretty face! 

You will always be greeted with a big smile from Porsche.


Ellie is our newest member. Ellie is a mum of two and joins us part time. Ellie has a rainbow of hair colour to match her personality – don’t forget to ask what’s under the hat this month! You will find Ellie both frying and front of house depending on demand in the shop.


Aga has worked within the industry for many years in the UK after leaving her home country of Poland. Aga works part time and helps with the day to day running of the shop and brings a wealth of experience with her.


Robyn joined us from another chip shop; their loss was certainly our gain! Robyn works part time as a busy mum of two young children. Robyn can be found front of house and is always up for a friendly chat whilst your food is being prepared.


Josie joined us in early 2020. She brings along with her vast experience in the retail sector and a happy smile to serve you with. We didn’t steal her but she was working very close to home before – you might recognise her!

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